All About Lactation

Bonding and Breast/Chestfeeding

Bonding and Breast/Chestfeeding

Latching/Initiation of breastfeeding

Opportunities for Partners

Amazing components of breastmilk

Breastfeeding after cesarean, latching – beautiful visuals, not in English

Importance of skin to skin contact between mother and baby

Why delay baby’s first bath

What to do if I am engorged?

Massage and Hand Expression:

Many Many breastfeeding topics:

Infant weight loss and IV fluids

For grandparents of breastfed baby

Alcohol and breastfeeding.

Helpful websites:

Breastfeeding organization – lots of information about all things breastfeeding

Have a question about breastfeeding?

Watch a newborn baby crawl to and find/attach to the breast

For moms struggling with low milk supply

Vitamin D supplementation

PDF Files
Infant Reflexes
What The Clock Won’t Tell You – Is Baby Getting Enough Milk?

Newborn Hunger Cues



There will be a an activity for each person and/or the couple for each class.  Please do this after each class for the next week’s class.
  • Read Section 6 in online binder
  • Complete the Postpartum Parenting Plan discussing it with one another and anyone else who will be helping out after the baby is born. If you haven’t planned for any help, begin planning now!
    On a separate sheet of paper, complete the following sentences using “I” messages to
    communicate your thoughts, feelings and needs. Brainstorm together to come up with
    solutions for any disagreements or areas of conflict.
    1-I think that my partner and I share the following beliefs about parenting:
    2-I think that my partner and I may disagree about these aspects of parenting:
    3-To successfully parent together, my partner and I will need to:
    4-Things my parents did which I want to be able to do for my child are:
    5-To do those things, I will need:
    6-Things my parents did which I do not want to repeat as I raise my child are:
    7- To avoid those things, I will need:
    8-Things I admire about my partner’s family are:
    9- Things I do not understand about my partner’s family are:
    10-Things I worry about in terms of being a good parent are:
    11-Things I know I will be good at as a parent are:
    12-Parents are important to their children because:
    13-Things I can do to support my partner in being a good parent:
    14- It is harmful to children when their parents:
    15- My happiest memories of my own childhood are:
    16-Three changes my partner and I will make in our lives to insure we have time
    together as a family are:
    17-When I need help as a parent, I know I can turn to the following:
    • Friends:
    • Family members:
    • Professionals
    • Groups