Black Lives Matter Statement

Loving Arms Childbirth Services recognizes due to continual years of institutionalized racism, women of color and particularly Black women, are disproportionally affected in their pregnancies and birth experiences.  Disturbingly, pregnancy-related mortality rates are as much as 4 times higher for Black women as they are for white women and infant mortality is 2.3 times higher for Black babies than white babies (…). While we know quality midwifery care ( leads to better outcomes for all people and families, unfortunately this type of care is often not covered by Medi-Cal and other public insurance options. For families and people of color seeking culturally relevant and respectful care, it is even harder to find providers who inherently understand and relate to their lived experience particularly in the hospital system.

At Loving Arms we believe Black Lives Matter.

We know we have a long way to go and we are committing to diversifying our curriculum, and educating ourselves about how we can support Black and BIPOC people through pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Loving Arms commits to donating yearly to Black Mamas Birthing Alliance and other birth justice organizations.

This is a beginning.  We cannot be silent.

We encourage anyone visiting our site to look at these resources for education and action in the Black Lives Matter and Maternal Health fields:

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