Class Five – Cesarean Birth and Communication Tools

Cesarean Birth and Communication Tools

Grandmother wants to be at birth:

Creating a Support Team


Reasons to Avoid Unnecessary Interventions

Steps to maximize chance of vaginal birth and prevent cesarean:

Family centered cesarean:

Seeding the Microbiome?:

PDF Files
Birth Dreams & Visions
Unexpected Outcomes
What To Take To The Birthing Place

Brandy’s Birth

Class 5: Homework
    1. Read Section 5 materials in online binder
    2. Write a birth Vision/Dream/Fantasy!Keep it shortKeep it non-adversarial – teamwork!!Choose only the most important personal preferencesUse words or pictures or drawings – be creative!Have fun – use it to start a conversation with your partner, your caregiver and your birth team! Have fun with it!!Bring it to class to share ideas…..