Class Four – Pain Medications and Other Interventions

Pain Medications and other Interventions

Avoid induction:

Cervical effacement and dilation – the Bishop Score

Peanut Ball to help with progress during labor with epidural

Delayed Cord Clamping

Pain Medications Preference Scale:

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Just The Facts About Epidural Anesthesia
Pain Management Without Drugs
The Face Of Fear
What To Do If The Laboring Woman Panics

Cara’s Birth

Class 4: Homework
  1. Read Section 4
    It is important to know the mother’s desires regarding her use of pain medications in labor.  Mother and partner should explore how the partner feels about her use of medications.  Many partners have strong personal feelings on the subject. Some believe deeply that a natural birth is preferable; others believe that suffering is unnecessary so will encourage the mother to take medication.The most important thing is for each of you to express your feelings to
    the other in advance of labor and then prepare together as described
  2. Read the PAIN MEDICATIONS PREFERENCE SCALE Each of you rate your desire regarding HER use of pain meds. Would you as the partner prefer that she not use meds?
    How strongly do you feel?Rate yourselves independently without consulting one another by choosing the number on the scale that best matches your feelings.Compare.If you are more than a few points apart, you will not work as well together as you will if you are closer.Discuss your feelings and come to an agreement. The mother’s preferences are more important but having the birth team on the “same page” is most supportive of her.The birth partner helps her to deal with the pain as she wishes.  Prepare for your support role based on your mutual position on pain meds. The right hand column, “How the Birth Partner Helps” can guide you in providing appropriate support.