Class Seven

The Fourth Trimester

The Fourth Trimester

Including grandparents when you don’t agree:


Evidence Based Birth 2020 paper on Circumcision

APGAR Score – what is it?

Swaddle – or not?

Calm a Crying Baby

Why not to let baby cry it out


Safe bedsharing essentials:

Teaching Baby to Sleep (Alternatives to Sleep Training):

Setting Boundaries in Pandemic

4th Trimester Bodies Project

PDF Files
6 Reasons For Delaying The Bath
Bathing With Your Baby
How Grandparents Can Help With A Newborn
Hints For A Smooth Postpartum
How To Comfort A Crying Baby
Steps To Safe Bed Sharing

Tuning Into Newborn’s Behavior
Newborn Cues



Class Seven: Interactive Home Activity

There will be a an activity for each person and/or the couple for each class.  Please do this after each class for the next week’s class.
  • Read Section 7 in online binder
  • Complete the Labor and Delivery questionnaire as follows:
    Take turns completing each sentence. After one person speaks, the listener explains what he/she heard, using his/her own words.  If the speaker isn’t satisfied that he/she has been heard correctly, he/she rephrases the statement.  When the speaker feels the listener has heard correctly, she/he goes on to the next sentence.  When one partner finished, exchange roles and repeat the exercise.
    When I think about labor and delivery, I feel:
    • What I still need to do to be ready for our birth is:
    • What I need most from you now is:
    • During labor I will need you to:
    • You help me most when you:
  • For the last class, bring a poem, prayer, story, wish, thought, song or affirmation to share with the other couples as a way to wish them well on their journey to giving birth and becoming parents. These will be shared aloud during our Birth Blessing Ceremony.