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Loving Arms Childbirth Services

Molly Brannigan

Molly has been working with new mothers, babies, and expectant parents since 2004. The more time she spends with mothers and babies, the more she is struck by the capabilities of newborn babies, the depth of mothers’ intuitive knowledge of their babies, and the intensity of the relationships that babies and moms create together.

She has taught at Alta Bates, Kaiser Oakland, USCF, CPMC and Birthways, but Loving Arms classes are her favorite. Molly is a Lactation Consultant and the mother of three teenagers.

“My partner and I loved our class with Molly – it was a wonderful forum to explore all of our concerns and fears, and to feel supported by the community of other parents-to-be. Molly is extremely knowledgable, thorough and personable, and creates a great setting for open discussion about the insanity and hilarity of childbirth. For all prospective fathers out there – GET READY, LABOR IS BONKERS but I’m sure you’ll be fine.”