Loving Arms has added some features and topics to our classes to deepen the zoom education experience and create new ways for our families to form community.    Here is our new brochure!


Loving Arms Childbirth Services statement regarding “Black Lives Matter”.  Please read our statement in full by Clicking HERE


Loving Arms Childbirth Services has curated some resources for pregnant and postpartum family during the Covid pandemic.  You can access them by Clicking HERE


As of April 2020 due to the Coronavirus and in accordance with CDC and other health agencies, we will be converting our classes to an online format for as long as necessary.  If you have questions about this please contact us Our goal is to provide excellent childbirth education while keeping us all healthy!


Welcome to Loving Arms Childbirth Services. Janaki Costello, Molly Brannigan and Annaleah Glick provide education, foster community building for new families, help build confidence in the woman’s ability to birth her baby and give her partner skills to help her achieve the birth they want.Through education we support the parents in understanding their amazing newborn, and prepare them for the ups and downs of life as a new family.

We believe each mother will birth in her own special way and that each birth is personal and should be empowering for her and her family.

Molly and Janaki are also International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (East Bay Lactation Associates at same location)  who are committed to helping parents get off to a good start with breastfeeding and to working in-depth to help solve breastfeeding challenges.

Molly Brannigan, IBCLC of East Bay Lactation Associates is doing lactation consults virtually (lending a scale for parents to use at home for weighing where necessary).  In urgent situations, she is still seeing families in person where a virtual appointment is insufficient.  Please see http://www.eastbaylactationassociates.com for infection control details.  Please feel free to be in touch if you need support, or to share this information with others if they are having breastfeeding difficulties.  The WHO, the AAP and CDC are still encouraging families to breastfeed and East Bay Lactation Associates is here to support you!


“5 star rating 6/2/2020
This class was really amazing and we highly recommend it. Our instructor was Annaleah and she was nothing short of spectacular. The material was covered in an interesting and engaging manner and Annaleah did a great job providing evidence based information and also addressed situations for the various birthing options and locations. Due to the quarantine all of our classes were online; however, she made the classes engaging and helped build a sense of community for the families in the class. We would highly recommend this class to anyone considering. CS”

Our 2020 Class Dates


September – Mondays from September 21st – November 9th
October (Two series  begin in October)
Thursdays from October 1st – November 19th
Tuesdays from October 28th – December 15th
December – Mondays from December 7th – February 1st, 2021

Refresher Class Schedule

August 30
November 1

Postpartum Support by Birth Month

August 26 – Sept. 16 for babies born June and July

Sept 24 – Oct. 15


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