belly“Doula is a Greek word referring to an experienced woman who helps other women.  The word has now come to mean a woman who experienced in childbirth who provides continuous physical, emotional, and informational support to the mother before, during and during childbirth.”

– Klaus, Kennell, and Klaus
Mothering the Mother

During labor and delivery, doulas provide both partners with continuous calm loving support and practical suggestions for helping labor progress naturally, for pain management and relaxation. Each new parent is a unique individual for whom all services are personally tailored. The doula will respect your thoughts and feelings and will treat you with sensitivity as you make your own choices and decisions.  Doulas work to help you develop self-confidence and trust in your own abilities to birth your baby and enjoy the breastfeeding relationship. Your hopes and fears will be acknowledged and honored.

To find a doula anywhere in the USA go to, Doulas of North America International.

The Loving Arms teacher who is taking new birth clients is Star.  Her direct email is:  Annaleah is taking postpartum clients.  Her direct email is:   To find more doulas, please visit the websites listed above. Thank you!